Project Background

W ith the opening of the new venues in the West Kowloon Cultural District, i.e. Xiqu Centre, Freespace, the Art Park and M+ in the coming years, it is required to develop a more robust and scalable Web Content Management System (WCMS) to cope with the operation and future development of the official website. A&A was responsible for identifying and researching for the solution, business priority and digital trend, selecting the suitable solution and vendor for the implementation for the WCMS.

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  • Step 1: Market Research
    • Desktop research on available WCMS
    • Digital trend market research
    • WCMS solutions comparisons
    • Benchmarking Analysis of other competitors

Step 2: Requirement Analysis on Functional & Technical aspects

    • Stakeholders interview for over 30 colleagues across 4 departments to understand the pain points, use cases and requirements stakeholder , including CEO, top management, end-users and etc
    • Score card validation and prioritization for requirements
  • Step 3: Verification & Validation
    • Research on availability of service providers
    • Solution visit with local/ overseas service providers
    • Checking for client reference and solution implementation case
    • Thoroughly study selected option’s functions, features and capabilities – as well as strengths and weaknesses
  • Step 4: Recommendation & Tendering Process
    • Tendering process support (e.g. writing the tender pack document; prepare the full functional and non-functional specification; inviting the appropriate vendors)
    • Provide recommendation based on evidence and data collected